Fenji And The Dangerous Vacuums OF space

“Did you hear that Fenji?” Jojo turned to his fish friend, propping him up with his right Snork. Jojo blinked away the small moss growing his fish bowl over his head. “That girl, she is sick, and in my world, we help those that are in trouble.”

Since Jojo’s adventures with the Snorks he decided he had to travel beyond the small reef he had come to know and love so he could make more friends. When he had heard of Strawberry Shortcake’s Worldwide Friendship Club, he knew it was made for people just like him looking for friends because they liked friends a lot. And now, he’d made it all this way, past the Cupcake Plains, through the Forest of Licorice, and over Swirl mountain to find his way to his friendship idol Strawberry Shortcake, legendary friendship master. He had to travel far to find the oracle to tell him where this legend of another world resided, who lived in the Swamps of Melancholy.

As Fenji and him slugged and Snorked through the swamp, Jojo began to feel all the world upon him, and turned back towards Fenji. He’d stopped moving, Fenji had a look of despair on his fins. “No, Fenji, you can’t leave me, you can’t let the melencholy get to you, you can’t give up!”

Fenji just wiggled a little, snorting a bit, “Fenji, you have to start moving, you have to Snork with me… Snork with me! Fenjiiiii!”

Fenji had already suck beneath the swamp, and disappeared into the melachnoly forever… Jojo cried, “They look like two strong Snorks, two big strong Snorks… yet they were not enough to Snork for my friend.”

At the rock he yelled out the Oracle’s name, “Sock Puppet!” “Soooock Puppet!”

Suddenly a huge bulge erupted and erected itself from the swamplands below. Jojo was knocked back but he quickly made out the big eyes, and the thin smiling and ever moving lips of the fabric complete with stuck on microphone. “Sock Puppet, where is the legendary Strawberry Shortcake?”

The sock puppet shook his head, “Weee, don’t knooow, weee forgeet.”

Jojo stepped forward, “We? Who is this we, I demand to know!”

“The sock puppet replied, “Why… Bar None of course… Baaaaaaar None Auto Insuraaaance. Weee don’t turrrn aneeeone dooown.””

In confusion Jojo stepped back, “You mean… you can’t remember? I came all this way and lost my lifelong friend so you can tell me you can’t remember? What kind of Oracle are you?”

The sock puppet widened it’s plastic eyes, “You? Oh, it’s YOoooU… well, she’s beyond the veil of vanilla, to the East, and over the pass of chocolate desires. But be careful, don’t get led astray. I should knoooow, I uuused to work for a weebsiiiite.”

The Silver Surfer had gotten Poochie’s ninja weapon and intersteller travelling device unstuck from his green argyle spacesuit, but Poochie didn’t like to talk about it. Planting the surfboard onto his feat, he looked around once more into the vast empty nothingness of space where everything makes you feel as small and insignificant as possible, “Hey, that makes me the coolest rappin’ hippy skate punk pooch in the whole universe.”

He aimed his surfboard towards the nearest sun and started catching the gamma heat waves, slowly pushing him forward at an accelerating pace. Suddenly he saw something green to his right. It seemed to veer and quickly close in on his right, “Cowabunga dude!” It was Michelangelo!

“What are you doing here Michelangelo, being as this is the first time I’ve ever seen you this must be doo-shizzle important,” Poochie exclaimed, forgetting his coolness for a moment.

“Well, I got tired of surfing on water, so, I thought I’d surfe in the dangerous vacuums of space, where my mutant innards could explode at any moment, it’s more interesting that way Dude. However, I’m actually on an awesomenest mission and you just happened by… excellent.”

Poochie, “What? Fool, I’m on a mission too dog, what ka-dizzle type of pitiful mission is it? You wouldn’t know my nizzle, all the free love in the world couldn’t compare to my hippie accomplishments, your mission as master of mutant ninja pales.”

The turtle frowned and furrowed his brow, “Oh.. yeah? At least I’ve done everybody in the cast, while you haven’t had a single slashfic about you.”

Poochie recoiled, “That hurts man, like, not cool. My planet Poochanus needs me, I fill the hole in their void, and without my Fonzarelli hippy ninja surfing skills they could all die.”

Michelangelo opened his mouth, “Your hip… ni… wha… never mind. All I can tell you is that I don’t know where Poochanus is, so I can’t tell you if you’re going the right way. I’m on a mission to save Irma from her loneliness.”

Poochie’s eyes widened, “And… uh, how are you going to do that excellent dude?”

Michelangelo grinned and took Poochie by the hand, “Well, I heard of this thing called the Worldwide Friendship Club…

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