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Hello beautiful readers. This is the home of Poochie Cures Cancer. It is a writing project that’s been rattling around in my mind and bouncing off my friends, for almost a decade. I purport that it is the worst fan-fiction ever written, and now, by popular demand, I am bringing it to you. In its original completely unfinished form it has spanned approximately 30 to 40 pages. Here I hope to share all of that content (remastered in high definition of course) and then continue to develop the story more past the point of no return.

I want to take this moment to also state that this site and all of its content are meant to be (and are) complete works of parody. I do not claim to own any trademarks or copyrights of anything I might reference. I use all other intellectual property in total parody. The entire purpose of this site is to make readers laugh and poke fun at the base material, much like a show such as Family Guy does. I am in no way representative of any of the intellectual property, trademarks, companies, or organizations that are featured in Poochie Cures Cancer. Everything I produce is produced with parody and fair-use in mind.

In that vein, all content on this site (otherwise known as Poochie Cures Cancer) is “released” or licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License by me, Asher Wolfstein. This means that you can reproduce, share, and remix the content as you see fit as long as you credit me, and aren’t pursuing commercial purposes. I retain the right to use the material for commercial purposes, so as to help support the site and further developments.

With that out of the way, I welcome you to the barkalicious dogtrip known as Poochie Cures Cancer. Please keep all extremities inside the carriage at all times, and don’t feed the animals.

See you on the flip side,

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